2022 Winter Garden Poetry Series

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Meet the Winter Garden Poets...

...and hear their experience reading poetry at Lakewold in their own words when you click on their photo.

(poem recordings now available)

Lora-Ellen McKinney
Christina Vega
Marcelia Sumiko
Mare Heron Hake
chanel athena e
gloria joy kazuko muhammad
Josie Emmons Turner
Lydia Valentine
James Rodgers
Aleyda Cervantes
Naa Akua
Alana Saltz
sage heath

Reimagining the Arts and Growing Community at Lakewold Gardens

Adapting to Covid-19 has helped us grow as a non-profit and as a community, compelling us to be creative in how we nurture valued partnerships with organizations like Write253, Blue Cactus Press, and Blanket Sea. Designing a more accessible, safe, and inclusive Winter Garden Poetry Series in 2022 is a reflection of that ongoing evolution.

This year, Lakewold's growing circle of first-time visitors, volunteers, and long-time patrons can enjoy the poetry of this season's Winter Poets throughout the entire spring season. Simply scanning any one of our 13 intentionally-placed QR codes means guests can listen to the words of any one of the 13 Winter Poets in the place where they chose to read and record their poem. For those of us who come to Lakewold to get away from the digital, a booklet with each poem, along with a map of each poet location, will be available at guest services.


Pick up a map from the Admissions Office and visit the sites where Winter Poets recorded their poems.

Map for 2022 Winter Garden Poetry Series


Scan the QR code on designated signs with your smart phone.


Listen to a Winter Poet read their poem in the place where it was read.

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We hope that as this poetry settles into you during your next visit, you're able tap into the quiet winter spirit of healing, of introspection, and of hope that comes "right after it was the darkest of dark," as reflected by Winter Poet, Josie Emmons Turner.

Winter is "a time for wrapping yourself up in healing and to know the promise is on the horizon for breaking out in a new vibrant way," for Tacoma Poet Laureate, Lydia Valentine.

Poet Mare Heron Hake shares that "to stand here and read among these trees and ferns and rhododendrons and to have someone else listen to my words is an honor and I thank you for that."

One of our youngest Winter Poets, sage heath, says "getting to come here feels so attached to the healing process for me because gardening, growing things, plants, have always been the best symbol of healing ever. It’s just such a cool thing and I hope that this poem actually gets to help somebody with that as well."

And according to poet Christina Vega, "poetry invites us to open ourselves back up to conversations with other people and out of our own ailments or seasons of depression or problems. It just brings us back into community."

The staff at Lakewold Gardens hopes you accept that invitation as winter gives way to spring. This spring the gardens are a gallery, expanding access and availability to the arts while growing a more inclusive community. Thank you for your support.


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Friends and fellow poets, Marcelia and sage, share a laugh after recording in the rain.
Friends and fellow poets, Marcelia and sage, share a laugh after recording in the rain.