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Premiered October 28th, 2020.

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Premiered on Saturday, November 6th at 5:45PM.


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Premiered on November 28th at 3PM.

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Lackey and Jelasic perform some of their favorite music with a woodland theme to thank the generous donors to the Adopt A Tree Campaign. The performance also highlights two of Ludwig van Beethoven's works including his song cycle, An die ferne Geliebte, as a special celebration of the composer's 250th birthdate anniversary, having been born in December 1770. The performance takes place in the formal hall of the Wagner House on the grounds of Lakewold Gardens. Mr. Jelasic performs works by several other composers including Chopin, Grieg, and Debussy on the Wagner Family's personal Steinway & Sons Model B grand piano.

The Premiere is set for Sunday, December 27th at 3PM on both Facebook and YouTube.

Live Streaming

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August 1st

Campaign Kick-off/ first Music Under the Trees with The Kareem Kandi Band

This Livestream took place on August 1st, at 5pm, it can be watched HERE

October 3rd

Our second Music Under the Trees, featuring the Ozzie Furhmann & Doug Konop Swing Band.

This Livestream took place on October 3rd at 5pm, it can be watched HERE