Art Exhibitions at Lakewold Gardens 


Previous Exhibitions:

Erika Ray Solo Exhibition

On Display in the Wagner House October 13th-October 31st, 2019

Artist Statement: My work is impulsive and intuitive; the creation of linear systems that merge with ethereal nebulae make up the base of my visceral process. Inspired by energetic impulses, marks are built up using both natural and man-made materials which form layers of woven matrixes. Ranging from plaster and clay to pigment, paints and markers, this blend of substances explores the intertwining relationship between nature and that of humankind. The marks seek out a connection that will create a visual dialogue between the two, forming an energetic web that will help support the construction of a new, positive symbiotic relationship. The otherworldly terrains are created with intention; a form of active meditation, I craft my marks with mindfulness. Painting over and tracing forgotten undercurrents, I recover marks from the past and pull them back up and through buried layers, linking them to the present and guiding them into the future. Subconsciously determining points on the developing plain, my intuitive gestures demarcate illuminated networks. These paths of light are inspired by both the grooved lines found in natural gemstones as well as those found in bold cityscapes; hazy skylines materialize and recede on canvases as purely abstract strokes wane and reappear. Volatile forms are transformed; the relationship is stabilized and rebuilt with new layers of paint and clay, excavated and transformed into the elemental web which threads equilibrium into their ever changing landscapes.

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