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Wapato Gardeners: “the most beautiful vista of landscape in this section of the Pacific Northwest” (1889), 2021

Laurie Davenport

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

24” x 36”

Donated by Laurie Davenport

Value: $1,500


Artist Statement: It’s from a live sketch but also informed by many trips past this wonderful spot on the way to Wapato Dog Park. The idea was to get onto canvas the feel of a cultivated garden in the environment of a forested park, of which there are so many in the Northwest.

Artists Bios: Laurie Davenport was born in Tacoma, Washington and grew up in Seattle, where she attended public school and graduated from the University of Washington. Although she has been drawing and painting since early childhood, she is essentially self-taught as an artist, having chosen to focus her formal education in music. As a musician and artist during her career, she has participated in multi-media events, created concert posters and CD recording graphics and had several solo art showings connected with concerts and musical events. After returning to Tacoma 20 years ago to settle in the Lincoln District, she has increasingly focused on art and continued to develop her skills in drawing and painting as well as digital art and graphic design. Laurie has recently begun a sketching project which focuses on capturing the joy and sadness of everyday life, catching ordinary people and situations ‘in the act’ and posting daily sketches on social media (@lauriedavenportart on Instagram and Facebook).

Anna’s Humming Bird with Fuschia, 2021

Erika Ray

Wood panel with gouache

12” x 9” x 1.5"

Donated by Erika Ray

Value: $500


Artist Bio: My work is impulsive and intuitive; the creation of linear systems that merge with ethereal nebulae make up the base of my visceral process. Inspired by energetic impulses, marks are built up using both natural and man-made materials which form layers of woven matrixes. Ranging from plaster and clay to pigment, paints and markers, this blend of substances explores the intertwining relationship between nature and that of humankind. The marks seek out a connection that will create a visual dialogue between the two, forming an energetic web that will help support the construction of a new, positive symbiotic relationship.

African Protea Flowers, and African Tribal Patterns, 2006

Deborah Anderson


11" x 17"

Donated by Deborah Anderson

Value: $1,000


Artist Statement: Inspired by beautiful patterns on Bwa funeral masks and their color symbolism indicating red for life and danger, white for death and illness, and black for purity and knowledge. The masks are worn to make natural spirits visible to the community.

Artist Bio: Deborah Anderson grew up in Tacoma. She received both a BA in French from Lawrence University, served in the Peace Corps in Tunisia, and earned an MA also in French for UW, Seattle. Studies in piano, voice, Arabic oud, Renaissance lute, and seven foreign languages enrich her music with perception and depth. She travels widely. Her richly textured compositions possess an inherent old-world sound that reflects her experiences and worldview. Her works are programmed on concerts locally, nationally, and internationally. As well as being a renowned composer and musician, she is also an accomplished painter.

Wine Lovers Bundle: Marilyn Jacobs Lithograph "Beginning", 6 Bottles of Syncline Wine & 2 Handblown Glasses from The Museum of Glass

Lithograph: 18x 24x
Donated by Rain Dog Designs
Wine:Donated by Clark and Eilleen D’Elia
Glasses:Donated by The Museum of Glass
Value: $800


About the Wine: SYNCLINE – a trough of stratified rock in which the beds sip towards each other from either side

Poppie and James’s boutique Syncline winery consists of 11 acres in the Columbia Gorge. The winery production is under 5,000 cases annually to ensure intimacy with each barrel and very wine.

Rain Dog Designs: Rain Dog Designs came about when artist Marilyn Jacobs started the company with her business partner David. Rain Dog Designs allows Marilyn to take her designs from paper to the ground using plants as her palette, creating pockets of beauty and sustainability up and down the I-5 corridor. Marilyn is happy to report Rain Dog is now in their 13th year!



South Sea Tahitian Cultured Pearl

16.9㎜ x 19.6㎜

Donated by LeRoy Jewelers

Value: $1,750.00


About the Pearl: The bands of color in the scrumptious Tahitian cultured pearl are all natural--gifts of Mother Nature and one talented oyster. The pearl measures 16.9 x 19.6 millimeters and reflects all the colors of the rainbow. LeRoy Jewelers will create a pendant with a classic bail and include an 18" cable chain in 14K white or yellow gold. The lucky owner will choose the color of gold.

Leroy Jewelers: 79 Years in Tacoma and committed to downtown Tacoma.

“Every piece of Jewelry crafted by Leroy Jewelers is unique, made by our own hands right here in Tacoma, to be fought over by your grandchildren.”

“If you see it on someone else. They stole it from you!”




Lakebay Weekend Vacation Rental

Donated by Steve Cissel

Value: $1,500


135 feet of waterfront, sleeps up to 12, amazing views, 3 acres to explore.

Enjoy 135 feet of unrestricted waterfront with expansive beach. View otters, seals and eagles from your private deck overlooking the calm Lakebay area of Puget Sound just 30 minutes from Gig Harbor, 45 minutes from Tacoma and 90 minutes from Bellevue or Seattle.

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