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The last time you went for a walk, where was your mind? When we get caught up in our thoughts on what has happened, what could happen, and what we need to accomplish, we are distracted. Join us for walking meditation sessions at Lakewold Gardens, where yoga instructors Sarah Anderson and Story Gilmore will gently and mindfully guide our senses back to the present. It is our hope that through mindful participation in a familiar activity, participants will find a practice that can bring ease to their minds, quiet mental chatter, increase clarity of thought and connect more deeply to both their body and the beauty of the natural world through all of her seasons.


Each session will be a 45-min guided slow walk, rain or shine. As such, participants will need to dress in layers for temperature moderation and come prepared with their preferred rain gear. Appropriate footwear is important; moss, leaf debris, and rocks may be slippery when wet. Select sturdy footwear for outdoor, multi-terrain paths.


To ensure safety, there is a limit of 10 people per session, so get your tickets early. If you wish to participate you must buy your ticket 24 hours before your desired session so we know to expect you. Physical distancing and mask requirements must be strictly adhered to.


Coffee and tea will be available at the conclusion of the event and participants will able to stay and have a solitary wander around the gardens after each session.

Meet your instructors:


Story Gilmore:

Story first fell for yoga through the Asana, the postures and physical practice as a place and a way to work through things. As she learned more, her love for the entire system and the additional limbs grew. She has studied in the discipline of Vipassana Meditation, which is where she was first exposed to the practice of mindful walking in present moment awareness.

Story’s favorite perk of meditation and mindfulness practices: “The permission you give yourself to be… no do, not complete, not produce… just be. To let go, release, step away from productivity and experience yourself in aliveness.”

Story’s hope for participants: “That you experience the loudness of a quiet garden.”


Sarah Anderson:

Sarah got into the depths of her practice during college, finding a sense of relief through sweaty Hatha classes. She began to explore Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as part of a 30-day yoga challenge and it opened her eyes to the holistic benefits of a regular practice - not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. She was hooked. Years later, her practice has deepened and she has an absolute love for teaching.

Sarah’s favorite perk of meditation and mindfulness practices: “Deepening my mindfulness practice has allowed me to be more present, focus fully on the moment and as a beautiful benefit, relish in the smaller moments.”

Sarah’s hope for participants: “I hope students gain a stronger connection to their senses as we meditate together.”


Meditation in Motion is at 9:00am every Saturday in June.

Mindfulness awaits.