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Explore the grounds of Lakewold Gardens during the spookiest time of year! This coming October, as the days grow darker and dusk light dims, embark on a scavenger for sneaky little bats hidden in among the ivy and hanging branches of the garden for a chance to win sweet treasures.

Gather 'round as the Scaretaker tells one spine-tingling tale after another after dusk. Learn the answers to your deepest darkest questions from a fortune teller. Participate in a West African drum circle with Awodi Drumming's Javoen Byrd and hear folkloric stories about cats, witches, and magic! Discover mysterious scenes throughout the gardens to use as a backdrop for an otherworldly photo. And during the evening, witness The Lakewold Haunting, when Wagner House comes alive with creatures, light, and ghoulish displays, all in celebration of All Hallows' Eve!

Tickets are now available. Scroll on to view the schedule, learn more about activities, and get your tickets today!

Upcoming All Hallows' mischief:

  • On Saturday, Oct 29th, little ghouls and goblins will join the Fairy Gothmother on a journey through the gardens punctuated with scary stories lead by Tacoma literary nonprofit Creative Colloquy at 5:30 pm. Brave adults are invited to follow the Scaretaker on his rounds as he leads them from one terrifying tale to another at 7:00 pm.
  • Javoen Byrd of Awodi Drumming will be returning with his drums to offer an interactive drumming and storytelling experience on October 15th and 31st at dusk.
  • Trade your dollars for golden tokens to give to Lizz the Fortune Teller in the creeky Wagner House Library on October 21st, 29th, and 30th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm (18 and older).
  • Each evening of All Hallows' a nightly screening of a classic horror film begins at 5:30 pm. But don't get too cozy! A creature from the depths of Gravelly Lake lies in wait for the perfect opportunity to lure hapless guests into his band of ruthless minions. Watch out!
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All Hallows' Eve Celebration

October 14th - 31st

Wednesday - Sunday

11 am - 5 pm (Regular Admission)

The Lakewold Haunting

October 14th - 31st

Wednesday - Sunday

5 pm - 8 pm (All Hallows' Admission)

*Lakewold Gardens Members must purchase tickets to the evening haunting.*

All Hallows' Calendar

Creepy Colloquy | October 29th, 5:30 PM & 7:00 PM

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Come one, come all, for something truly haunting... Tacoma literary nonprofit Creative Colloquy gets into the mood this spooky season and presents Creepy Colloquy at Lakewold Gardens!

We’ll have scary stories for all with Fairy Gothmother and the Scaretaker! From 5:30 to 8:00 p.m, Gather and listen!

Featured Readers Include: Jennifer Chushcoff, Elizabeth Beck, Hannah Hadjes Jonah Barrett, & Sam Snoek-Brown

Visit the CC Book Bike, our mobile library, to snag a treat and free books during both time slots!

Yoruba Drumming and Storytelling | October 15th & 31st at dusk

Javoen Byrd joined us at Lakewold Gardens to film this instructional African drumming lesson with stories from the Yoruba culture. Watch the video, and if you have a drum lying around, grab it and follow along!

The Lakewold Haunting

In a faraway land of lakes stands an especially beautiful home --- encircled with acres of lovely gardens and abounding in great trees and mysteriously fragrant rare plants. Over the years, as the climate changed and the weather became unpredictable, the family who lived in the house abandoned the property. No one is there to mow the lawns, weed the flowerbeds or rake the leaves.

The house, still clinging to the memories of parties, movies and picnics, longed for companionship and threw open its doors to the garden. The plants slipped indoors so silently that only the garden creatures could hear their green tendrils crawling across the floor and up the walls. One by one, leaf by leaf, greenery of every kind, embraced the house. Little creatures scurried under the floorboards, and great fierce birds and bats perched on the beams of the great room, admiring their new jungle habitat.

Slowly other strange beings entered through mysterious new portals. The house sighed as ghostly spirits flitted from room to room. The plants and the creatures were very sad because their human friends had abandoned their home and had done nothing to counter the changes in the climate. The family had left the plants and garden creatures to fend for themselves. This made the whole garden community angry. The plants promised to use their long green tendrils to exterminate any human intruder, and the tiny creatures swore they would chew human invaders into garden mulch.

BE WARNED! Enter the garden at your own risk. Listen, watch, and be on guard.  Do no harm to the plants and creatures because the House has EYES. The plants have deadly tendrils and the animals, have tiny, very sharp teeth!

All Hallows' Eve Archives

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