Music From Home

When you attend a Music From Home concert, you are invited to experience storytelling through live music.

Featured artists collaborate with Curator of Art and Music, Joe Williams, to present a repertoire which reflects and honors their lived experiences. Music from motherlands, music for healing, living and breathing music from home.

In the intimate setting of Wagner House parlor, audiences hold space for an artist's story in an inspiring natural environment, growing in community around music.

Learn more about Oregon Koto-Kai, and get tickets to their concert at Lakewold Gardens on September 4th!

Music From Home 2022 Season Lineup

Discover this year's featured performing artists

Click on photos to read artist bios, concert programs, and purchase tickets! Programs will be available to view online two to four weeks before each concert.

April 10th

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Ross Salvosa, piano

May 1st

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Gregory Walker, violin

Lori Walker, piano

June 5th

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View Program Information & Get Tickets

Ellaina Lewis, soprano

Calder Failla, piano &

Joe Williams, piano

July 3rd

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Gayane Grigoryan, violin

Calder Failla, piano

Myra Woody, piano

& Joe Williams, piano

Deshawn Morton, dancer

August 7th

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Martin McCain, trombone

Artina McCain, piano

September 4th


Oregon Koto-Kai, koto

October 2nd


William Chapman Nyaho, piano

Susie Garcia, piano

November 6th

dr. gb

Darryl Taylor, countertenor

Gwynne Brown, piano &

Joe Williams, piano

December 4th

ErinH with Flute

Kim Davenport, piano

Laurie Davenport, artist

Erin Happenny, flute &

TUPAC Dancers

TUPAC Dancers 2

TUPAC Dancers

January 8th


Maria Thompson Corley, piano

 Watch Gayane Grigoryan's recent interview at Lakewold Gardens and Get a preview of her recent Music from Home concert, "Mountain Sounds."

New Offerings to Look Forward to in 2022

Food From Home

To support the homey atmosphere of these concerts, performers are invited to suggest a treat for guests from a favorite local vendor as part of their program. During intermission, guests enjoy these bites along with beverages. These treats are a personal reflection of the artist and the program, enriching the experience for all who've been invited into the artist's world.

If you'd like to be a Food From Home sponsor, please contact Joe Williams.

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Virtual & Film Collaborations with Music From Home Artists

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Partnerships & Behind-the-Scenes Talent

Joe Williams, Curator of Art & Music

Joe Williams

Curator of Art & Music, Lakewold Gardens

Serena Berry

Filmmaker, TacTown Productions

Carlos Camargo

Filmmaker, Creative24

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